Vibramoov PRO

Neuro-rehabilitation solution via FPS
Lower and upper limbs

Key success factors of the Vibramoov PRO technology :

Promote neuroplasticity through the application of early, intense treatment that makes sense to the patient.

Two modes to preserve & enhance sensory-motor functions


Mode 1

Functionnal Proprioceptive Stimulations (FPS)

FPS stimulate the nervous system with sensory information identical to those of natural movements.
They induce sensations of movement and can provoke motor responses corresponding to the movements felt by the patient. FPS facilitate movement, keep sensorimotor interactions alive and stimulate neuroplasticity.

Bedridden ICU, verticalized, Balance training, Walk with a treadmill, Overground gait or free walking.
Seated with or without arm support.

MODE 2 :

Regulation of muscle tone
Focal vibrations are applied on the middle of the muscle. The aim is to preserve muscle architecture & promote the regulation of the muscle activity between agonist & antagonist. Possible synchronous treatments of patients with similar conditions allow a larger number of daily applications.

Prevention of hypertonia

Application during the acute phase

Alternated stimulations

Moderate hypertonia

Antagonist stimulations

High hypertonia

Clinical applications for adult & pediatric

Brain unjury | Cerebral palsy | Coma | Parkinson disease | Polytrauma | Sclerosis | Spinal cord injury | Stroke

Vibramoov PRO and Accessories

The variety of programs integrated into Vibramoov interface, the progressiveness of exercises and the use of patient positioning accessories allow clinicians to optimize treatment and maximize functional gains for patients.

Control station

with 12 wireless stimulators

Multiple sets of orthosis


Anti-gravity arms support


We have had the pleasure of using Vibramoov for several years now. We share it between physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The frequency of used of Vibramoov in our establishment is very high.
Pierre May-CarleHead of the CRF Pasori physiotherapy department