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More than 20 years of expertise & experience

Breakthrough innovation

Techno Concept is a leader in the design and development of innovative solutions for health professionals in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Our vision is to create innovative and versatile solutions to promote patient recovery. Our work is guided by a unique relationship and teamwork with patients, clinicians, researchers and our partners.

Excellence as leitmotiv

Our commitment to respect the rules and standards specific to the medical device market is permanent. This delicate and relentless work comes from a culture based on integrity, ethics and decision-making. Techno Concept is very proactive and ensures the support of the policies and practices to comply with the requirements and high standards of the CE and ISO 13485 certifications. We believe in working on the basis of transparency and kindness towards the patients, healthcare professionals, our partners and employees.
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Cutting-edge Research & Development dedicated to creating the innovations of tomorrow

  • Disruptive innovation
  • Engineering and creation
  • Scientific and clinical expertise
  • Product design and excellence

Join the team

Our team is our strength. Techno Concept's values are creativity, excellence, ethics, respect and teamwork. If you want to create the therapeutic solutions of tomorrow, contact us!

Our team

The Techno Concept team is made up of talents with varied backgrounds. They share strong values that allow them to put their expertise and know-how at the service of the well-being and recovery of patients. Their commitment to this unifying mission allows Techno Concept to offer therapeutic solutions of excellence.


DirectionGuillaume Collinot

Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Quality assurance & regulatory affairs managerFabienne Mathies

Quality AssistantCassandra Cordier

Research & development

Software developerPierre Lefort

Core system engineerVictor Malaquin

Mechanical engineerNicolas Morales

Software developerCédric Baracat

Production & after sales

Stock & production managerChristian Martinez

Mechanics CAD technicianChristophe Boschat

Production technicianSadek Benabeb

After-sale technicianAlexis Bon-Mardion

Clinical applications

Clinical applications managerFrédéric Albert

Clinical specialistStevy Farcy

Clinical specialistFlorence Martinache


International business developerNicolas Plumier

Business DevelopperAngelique Ba


Director of operationsDaniel Boschat

Accounting managerHélène Saccoccio

Administrative assistantSandrine Cros